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Notification of Agreements to be completed by Publishers to Notify Publisher/Publisher Agreements

General Notes

Types of Agreements

General Catalogue Agreement:

Sub-publishing agreement between an assignor and an assignee which covers all works in the assignor's catalogue. It can exclude individual works specifically assigned prior to the general catalogue agreement which, if known, should be listed.


Part Catalogue Agreement:

Sub-publishing agreement between an assignor and an assignee which covers a recognizable or defined segment of the assignor's catalogue but not all works.


Administration Agreement:

An agreement between an assignor and an assignee whereby the assignee is appointed to administer or manage the assignor's catalogue. (Please note there is no assignation of rights in an administration agreement, and the terms assignor and assignee refer to the parties involved)

a) If the agreement is subject to amendment, tick the appropriate box to indicate the change, such as a new division of royalties, additional parties involved or further catalogue changes.

b) Enter the name and CAE number of the assignor and assignee. In addition, enter the share of royalties payable to the assignee and assignor by the societies.

c) Enter the start and indicate end date or "TBA" (to be advised) of the agreement.

d) Enter the territory covered by the agreement.

e) If all works in the assignor's catalogue are to be assigned the box marked "All works" should be ticked. Where some of the works in the catalogue have been previously assigned, the box marked "All works excluding those on schedule below" should be ticked and the excluded works should be listed. For a part catalogue agreement, the box marked "Only works on attached schedule" should be ticked and all included works should be listed.

f) Tick one or other of the boxes to indicate whether the assignee's overseas sub-publisher is automaticallyCDs controlled. 


Act of Fixation

The attention of members is drawn to the fact that:-

Copyright in an original work does not arise until it is fixed in writing or by some other material form. Writing includes any form of notation, whether by hand or by printing, typewritten or similar process.

If an arrangement of a public domain work has not been written or recorded, no copyright is created. Merely notifying a work to GHAMRO will not bring a copyright of the work into existence. It is important that members ensure that all works registered with GHAMRO are in a material form. This is relevant both in the case of originally created works and in works based upon public domain material.


Cinema Licensing Fees

Film Synchronization Right

Members have assigned their film synchronization right to GHAMRO. This may be released to a member upon written request.

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