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Notification of New Works

Explanatory notes and sample forms for notifying a new work to GHAMRO Notification of New Agreements

Explanatory notes and sample forms for notifying a new agreement to GHAMRO Act of Fixation

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Notification of New Works GHAMRO Notification of Works Forms

Completed forms should be sent directly to GHAMRO for initial registration of works..

1 There are two types of forms used to register works, a form for unpublished works and a form to notify author/publisher agreements. An additional titles form can be used in conjunction with both of these forms where appropriate. 'ADDITIONAL TITLES' forms can help reduce administration and paperwork. They can accompany the main notification form where members wish they wish to notify several similar works, provided that the number of authors is the same and the contractual details and shares are identical. Any number of 'Additional Titles' forms can accompany a main form in accordance with the above criteria.

Authors should note.....


Published Works

2 (i.e. works assigned to a publisher member of GHAMRO). It is the responsibility of your publisher to notify works you have assigned to that company. Published works should not be notified by the composer or songwriter with certain exceptions. For example, an author may wish to notify GHAMRO of works which are published abroad only.

3 Authors who are under exclusive contract to a publisher should ensure that they advise their publisher of all new works as they are written to enable the publisher to notify the details to GHAMRO.


Unpublished Works

4 (i.e. works not assigned to any publisher) should only be notified when specific performance activity is known or when they have been issued on commercial recordings or as part of an audio visual presentation. The form includes special columns for indicating performance and recording activity.

5 All unpublished works which are specially commissioned for a film, television or radio programme or series, or any other audio-visual production should be notified by the author(s).

6 Each author has a unique nine digit CAE Number . This number should be (legibly) entered in the appropriate column in order to aid identification. If you are co-writing with other GHAMRO members or members of affiliated societies, you should also ensure that your co-author’s CAE Number is also entered. If you are unaware of your CAE number, please contact GHAMRO Membership Services.

7 Members should not notify their arrangements of copyright works as no share of royalties is allocated to an arranger in such cases.


8 If a composer has written incidental music for a non-musical play, the playwright's name should not be shown in the imagesauthor's column. If songs have been written for the play, their individual titles and other details should be separately indicated, making it clear who wrote the words. Specially commissioned works for a film, television or radio programme (or series) or any other audio-visual production should, wherever possible, be notified under the generic score title only (e.g. "Film X - Theme and Background Music"). It is not necessary to notify each individual cue employed in an audio-visual work, except where the nature of the cue differs substantially from the rest of the score (e.g. another interested party is involved, or the work is a commissioned song). The producer’s music cue sheet for the production this should be sent directly to the GHAMRO Repertoire Section, if available.

Publishers should note.....

1 All author/publisher agreements and works should be notified on the appropriate form.


2 Authors' shares need not be shown for forign acquisition. Where the form is being sent to your authors for signatures you should request that their unique CAE numbers are also entered. You should endeavour to obtain an author's signature on the form, and where necessary, on the 'Additional Titles' form as well, where the work has been written by a GHAMRO member to confirm the notification is in order. If no reply from the GHAMRO member is forthcoming within one week, same notification will be inputted as accepted. authors' signatures are not required where you have previously lodged with GHAMRO details in respect of the Exclusive Songwriter Aggreement (ESA)



3 For notifying Co-Published works or 'Split Copyrights', extra care must be taken. You are not required to indicate shares and contractual details of interests other than that part of the work you are notifying. However, all interested parties, (i.e. all the names of authors and publishers involved with the work) should be s hown. If you are unable to establish an interested party (author or publisher) the word 'unknown' should be shown on a separate line on each occasion where this is the case.



4 All forms should always be signed and dated - for publishers' notifications the full name of the publisher and the capacity of the signatories should also be provided.

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