i love music by johnny8901 d501nbuWhy Do I Need A Licence for Music?

  • Why The Legal Need For GHAMRO Licence?

Just like any other input into your business, the use of  musical compositions must be paid for.  When you use copyright music in your business you must first obtain permission from the copyright owners to do so and you do this by taking out a licence from and paying the appropriate licence fees due thereon to GHAMRO.

  • GHAMRO Offers You An Easy Solution!

GHAMRO makes it easy for businesses to tap into the power of music with its simple cost-effective licence. We can provide you with a music licence that covers any use of most copyright music that takes place in your business premises, whether it be played by means of a television, radio/CD/digital player, PC or performed live.  By obtaining an GHAMRO licence, your business will be legally compliant to use GHAMRO repertoire and all for just one payment per year. This frees you up to use music to drive your business objectives in a fully legal manner! 

  • If I just have a TV or Radio do I need an GHAMRO Licence?

The simple answer is yes.  A lot of copyright music is contained within television and radio broadcasts.  Just think about the intro tune to your favourite television programme.  Whether the performance is by means of a television, radio, record/CD/digital player, jukebox, video, PC or a live performance, an GHAMRO licence is still necessary.

  • Where Do Your Licence Fees Go?

All of the licence fees collected, after administration costs are deducted, are paid directly to the people who compose, publish and write the music that is used in business. By paying your annual licence fee to GHAMRO, you are enabling songwriters to continue writing songs that you will ultimately use to improve your business operation. By protecting music writers rights we encourage and reinforce the creativity that helps everyone develop and prosper.

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There should be no doubt that in life, we all love music.  Wherever good music is played, it creates a pleasant atmosphere for all including both customers and staff in a shop, bar or restaurant.

This is why we want you to know that, the music you enjoy doesn’t come about on its own accord. Some creative person has put hard work into the lyrics and its composition. It definitely makes a lot of sense therefore for music authors to be compensated as they duly deserve.


Music is an invaluable treasure. Can you imagine a nice modern pub without music? Studies have really shown that the right choice of music improves sales. Customers love listening and dancing to music and because of that, they may stay for longer and are more likely to come back again. Shop owners can even boost the sales of particular products through a certain type of music.   For example Play French chansons in the supermarket and French wines will suddenly get popular. Working staff give that bit more to their work when music is being played. Most radio stations play music at certain hours of the day to help people improve on performance.

Music is the work of lyricists and composers. Their texts and compositions are subject to music copyright. These music authors therefore have the exclusive right to commercial exploitation of their work, i.e. to earn money from it.

A composition or text is the intellectual property of whoever created it. The Ghana Copyright Law states that you must first have their permission before you can use the music, in just the same way as you ask someone’s permission to borrow their car. With permission, you can play the music in public or transmit it as a broadcaster or record it on CD. And in the same way as you pay your energy costs, you also pay an appropriate fee to the music author.

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