Notice Of Election to the Board


  1. Elections will be held per the constitution
  2. Nomination forms can be obtained during normal office hours at the Main Office in Accra and at the respective satellite offices across the nation.
  3. Completed nomination forms must be submitted to the respective offices not later than 5pm on Wednesday, 8th February, 2017.
  4. In the case of proxy voting, a form must be picked at the respective offices and submitted 48hours before the election date

NOTE: The exact election date will be communicated in due course after vetting and qualification of applicants by the Election Management Committee formed to manage the entire process.

27TH JANUARY, 2017                                                     

                                                                                                Mr. Jonathan Cudjoe

                                                                                                General Manager



The Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), a Collective Management Organization (C.M.O), established under the Copyright law 690 and regulated by L.I. 1962 wishes to bring to the notice of its members, users and the general public that in consonance with its Constitution and Rules and Regulations, elections to the Board will be held this quarter of the year.

The Board has therefore approved the formation of a seven (7) member Elections Management Committee to manage the administration of the elections with representation from organizations listed below.

1. Attorney Generals Department   (1)

2. Copyright Office                            (1)

3. GHAMRO Management               (2)

4. Solicitors                                           (2)

5. Electoral Commission                     (1) 

The conduct of the electoral process will however be the sole responsibility of the Electoral Commission of Ghana. To ensure easy accessibility of members of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) throughout the country, the election will be conducted at following venues,

1. Accra.

2. Kumasi.

3. Takoradi.

4. Bolgatanga.

5. Northern Volta.

6. Wa.

7. Tamale.

A detailed time –table/programme on the dates of opening of nominations, submission of forms, vetting of applicants publication of applicants, election date, inauguration of new Board, and all other processes, will be rolled out in the press and other media platforms. Ghamro wishes to invite all interested right owners to pick up their nomination forms from any Ghamro office throughout the country, to participate in the upcoming Board elections.


Prince Tsegah





The Association of Phonograph Industry undertook a pilot project of this system in 2013 with the procurement of three million stickers for its members. This blue print is to re-introduce a sticker as an alternative authentication to as provided under Section 5(2) of LI 1962.

Section 5(2) of the Copyright Regulations provides a sure basis for the implementation of an alternate security device. The provision among others states that “Despite sub regulation (1) which expressly provides for the national security device by the Minister in consultation with the Monitoring team an alternative security system can be operated.

Indeed Section 5(2) states that “a manufacturer, importer or publisher of a sound or audiovisual recording may with the approval of the Minister choose an alternative security device to be affixed to a sound recording or audiovisual work manufactured, imported or published by that manufacturer, importer or publisher” .

In the absence of a national authentication system, the Ghana Music Rights organization is better placed to collaborate with government agencies empowered under the law to deploy this anti-piracy system with roles for each of the parties.



Copyright Music Licence

The Copyright Office wishes to inform proprietors and operators of hotels, restaurants, night clubs, broadcasting stations, spinning groups, live music venues, commercial banks, stores, shopping malls, drinking spots, chop bars, etc. that according to section 36 of the Copyright Regulations LI 1962 of 2010, any person who intends to perform i.e. use any local or foreign musical work or cause the work to be performed in public or do any act in respect of the musical work protected under the Copyright Act, 2005, (Act 690) must apply to the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) for a Copyright Licence to perform the work.

All proprietors and operators of these establishments are hereby advised to contact the nearest GHAMRO office (054 012 2325 & 054 012 2326) for a licence to regularize the performance of musical works on their premises.

Kindly note, anyone who fails to comply commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine or to a term of imprisonment or to both.

Copyright Administrator

Copyright Office


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